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Tuning Simson S51

Tuning Simson S51

Mounting an additional flywheel rotor disc on the PVL, Selettra Malossi or Kundo ignitions

On Malossi or Selettra, Kundo or PVL Ignitions can if necessasry flywheels be mounted onto the rotor. On the Malossi, flywheels are already included. In PVL and Kundo gnitions, Flywheels can also be mounted, but these are not included in standard delivery. These flywheels are made from high tensile steel and must fit exactly one hundred percent with the rotor. The material should be checked for cracks after processing and that they are finely balanced together with the rotor. The fastening screws must be secured with Loctite. At speeds up to 20,000 rev / min the smallest imbalance causes vibrations that can not only destroy the crankshaft bearings, but also release the flywheel rotor and even the side pin. Using wrong materials (micro-cracks in the structure) there is a risk that the additional flywheel can be destroyed by the high rotational and centrifugal forces and the vibrations generated by the engine itself, and almost explode.


There is a great risk of injury, and we expressly point out that any warranty is excluded. Use only the manufacturer-supplied flywheels.