Description and diagrams

Kartsport Ignitions

Analogue Ignition System for high-revving race engines in karting

This type of ignition is used with 1850 windings in the stator.

With a wire diameter of 0.18 mm this ignition is&xnbsp;designed for speeds up to 22,000 1/min. PVL offers various stator (base plate according to engine manufacturer).&xnbsp; The Stator technical parameters can be seen in the table.

The cam moves in a range of + / – 3 °. The actual position of the ignition is in relation to the piston position (before TDC) due to setup.
The PVL coil # 458 100 (or 105 458) is the approved coil for the official kart racing.
This coil is driven by PVL stators with spade connectors 4.8 mm and 6.3 mm. The markings of the rotor and stator are dependent on the direction of rotation of the rotors and the polarity of the loading coil. For some markers both stators are mounted. These are then suitable for both directions of rotation.

System 500 177, Stator 1036 digital (5000 turns)
Iginition curve Vortex Motor
Speedrange manipulated 300-14000 U/min