Technical data and tables

Ignition Coil – digital

Zündspulen-Typen digital

Ignition Coil
Colour Identification System suitable for suitable for Engine type Ignition curve Connector* Information
1 2 3 4 5
466 101 black digital CDI-unit 464228 Stator 1007 right Minarelli Racing x for race ignition Scooter
500 106 red digital without CDI Stator 1002 left TM 105 500 59 x for TM-Race Engine
500 125 red digital without CDI Stator 1005 right GM 500 File 8040 x

for GM 500-Track engine

500 134 red digital without DI Stator 1015 right Jawa 105 500 92 x for Jawa-Track engine

* 1 combination connector AMP EconoSeal, 2 ist flat plug, 3 is a round plug, 4, AMP Superseal connector, 5 is double plug PVL 7603
Digital ignition components cannot be combined with analog. The stators for analog and digital are constructed differently. Different plugs were chosen to avoid confusion. In digital systems we needed for the start early voltage for the controller and this can be achieved by turning the stator to improve the ignition. The negative effect that occurs at higher speeds, can be compensated by digital computation. Digital ignition systems are on the rise, and even the models are freely programmable. Both the power and the versatility of the best experienced tuner for example the Racing Team Analogue systems are much cheaper in price-performance ratio and can be supplied in many performance variants and sizes. For this it is particularly important that particularly with modifications such as for vintage motorcycles and scooters racing cars, moped Racer (KTM 50, Ignitionapp 50, Sachs 50, Malaguti 50 etc.), the rotational direction, the cone of the crankshaft side pin , the installation space in the engine housing, the engine speed and the requirements for endurance (24-hour moped racing) are known. In almost all cases for these modifications an adapter plate made ??of aluminum or adequate plastic (as low heat conductivity) can be designed and manufactured. This adapter plate must be made so that the PVL baseplate sits exactly concentrically to the center of the crankshaft bearing and can be adjusted in both directions. This is important, as the rotor is running at only 0.1 mm play in the stator and it can not rub against the stator laminations. We can assist you with conversions and manufacture of these adapter plates.

With PVL Ignitions two types of spark plugs can be used:
For analog ignitions: PVL spark plug “standard”, dokutec order no. 26602
Digital Ignition: PVL spark plug “digital” 5kOhm, dokutec order no. 12182

Connecting an electronic tachometer is recommended from the manufacturer using a 5 kOhm spark plug connector, otherwise this may cause a malfunction.

The ignition coil must always be mounted to prevent vibrations when in drive mode so that it does not lead to the disassembly of the ignition coil. The black wire must be grounded to the ignition coil, otherwise there is risk of total failure.